• Duncan Mason

    Poetry is a language nestled inside language, it is a metalanguage and, simultaneously, a sublanguage since it helps us transcend ourselves yet draws nourishment from deep roots. Nature is the primary source, and I suppose it is our soul reacting to Nature and circumstance that prompts the poetic muse. I enjoy kayaking, painting, and gardening, and from these roots, combined with decades of teaching literature, my own poetic images adumbrate and coalesce. Keats, Blake, Eliot, and Rumi are four other roots that feed this tree of poetry, and are a source of constant inspiration.

    Duncan Mason Copyright 2024

The Yearning

Like the scent of roses 
From flowers unseen,
We remember
Something we never knew.
Like salt on the breeze
Ships we have never sailed 
Across oceans we have never seen 
Skirting islands formed of 
Dreams of mirages.
Even the smallest child 
Has memories of
That other place 
The light is brighter 
The water clearer 
And the herons sing 
What we remember 
We treasure
As we seek approach
Looking backwards 
Into the future.
April 25, 2024