• Leah Gray


    Leah is a Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) certified judge. She teaches photography and currently works for Seaside Magazine in Sidney, British Columbia. Leah’s interests are diverse. Having begun photographing sports, specifically football, almost 20 years ago, she has since expanded to wildlife, landscape, macro and closeup photography, black and white, portraits and other genres of photography.


    In 2020, Leah was awarded a FCAPA award from the Canadian Association for Photographic Art for her photographic accomplishments.  In 2021, she earned a PPSA distinction and a BPSA honour for her portfolio of horses in France from the Photographic Society of America. She earned an AFIAP distinction that same year from the International Federation of Photographic Art.  In 2018, Leah’s image “Siblings” was awarded the PSA Nature Image of the Year over the best Nature and best Wildlife images worldwide. She is the only Canadian to accomplish this overall title. Leah has 17 gold medals, 6 Best in Show, and over 150 other awards in PSA International Salons and other competitions since October 2017. She has over 800 acceptances in International Exhibitions. Leah can be contacted at: spirithills.ca


    Photography is the culmination of planning, technique, vision, composition, and perception, brought together in one instant - with a little (or more) editing.     Leah Gray