Collection: Karoline Cullen

  • Photographer karoline cullen

    Karoline Cullen is an award winning photographer and writer from Tsawwassen, BC. Her interest in photography spans many genres but she is an avid wildlife/nature photographer and enjoys studio work with gymnasts or dancers. She donates her time and photos in support of groups such as Delta Gymnastics, the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, Delta Kidsport, and contributes orca observations to citizen science. She has exhibited her work locally and exhibited at the opening of the new photographers Gallery in 2019.

    These orca images were taken from the shore of Galiano Island, BC. In the wake of news about the steadily declining population of the Southern Resident Killer Whales, my photographs are an homage to them as well as to the Bigg’s
    Transient Killer Whales. Both species live in the Salish Sea; the SRKWs are fish eaters, the Bigg’s are mammal eaters. They are formidable, powerful, and fast apex predators, at the top of the ocean’s food chain yet with close family ties
    and a strong matriarchal society. Each encounter with them is a meaningful moment for me and I hope to portray some of that magic in my photographs. Now, more than ever, we need to preserve, respect, and protect their home
    and food supplies in the Salish Sea.