Collection: Chris Miles

  • Chris Miles Photographer

    Chris moved to Victoria in 2010. An active amateur photographer throughout his life, he has had two documentary monographs published by Cafe Royal press and has recently been featured as part of a major retrospective of the imprint at the Martin Parr Foundation in Bristol, the Stills Gallery in Edinburgh and The Photographers Gallery in London.

    He was involved in community photography projects in the UK, being a committee member of the Untitled Gallery in Sheffield in the 1980s and subsequently Oxford Photography. Since moving to Victoria he has convened regular informal gatherings of established photographers where participants can present work for supportive feedback and discussion. His images have been published in conventional and on-line magazines and he has had solo exhibitions at the Metropolis Gallery, Cedar Hill Arts Centre and Bokeh Cafe in Victoria. He now exhibits regularly at the Parkinson Wellness Project on Hillside. He continues to work with both digital and analog equipment.

    Chris can be contacted via his website at