• Poet Sarah Sowelu

    Sarah Sowelu

    Playing with poems is one of my life's great pleasures. I love to watch words form and flow through my bodymind in response to any experience, and then play with those words for meaning, sound and look - all contribute to the power of a poem. Poems started coming to me in high school over fifty years ago. My father, a writer himself from a family of writers, encouraged me with one piece of advice: keep it simple; simplicity is everything. That advice has served me well, both for making poems and living my life. No separation.
    Poems tickle the senses with their direct briefness: an immediate distillation of this moment's essence. Sarah lives and writes in New Zealand.

    Selected poem from: Across The Pacific, Poems from Aotearoa

    Sarah Sowelu Copyright 2022

Poets Corner

All That Waits For Us

The small things
a waiting without waiting
to captivate the eye
and hold it long enough
to melt the I
with the ordinary beauties
of the thousand things
that know One
When the small things
go untouched
by all my senses
what am I doing 
on this precious planet?
Copyright Sarah Sowelu 2021.