Submission Guidelines

Submission Content

Photographers of any age are invited to submit up to 20 framed prints of any size (preferably 14” x 16“ or larger) for display and sale plus additional unframed, matted prints, artcards or books for sale.

  • All image works submitted must be of high quality and based on an original film or digital file creation of the photographer submitting the image.
  • Images that are highly digitally altered, or modified should be identified as such.
  • Photographers may only alter their own original photographs.
  • Images may be printed on any substrate.
  • Computer or other generated images not originally captured by cameras are not accepted.
  • Photographs incorporated into other works such as paintings or collages under glass and suitable for wall display are also acceptable.

Content Disclaimer

All submitted works shall be culturally appropriate in content and presentation, and that artists are authorized to use and can provide proof of permission, if they have used specific cultural motifs or designs in their work. Portrait photos will require release forms from models or persons featured in the works.

The Gallery Director retains the right to refuse acceptance and display of any works that may be deemed culturally inappropriate or of possible offence to any parties for any substantive reason.

General Conditions

Framed photographs for wall display may be accepted as:

(a) an original, one of a kind print, or
(b) a limited edition
print, signed, numbered and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Simple black, white or silver wooden or metal frames are preferred with off-white mats. Photographs will be arranged and placed for display at the discretion of the Gallery Director in consultation with the photographer when feasible. Works may also be moved within the gallery at the discretion of the Gallery Director.

Unframed, and signed matted works may also be accepted for inventory as limited edition prints with Certificates of Authenticity, or as open stock prints. Matted works are to be packaged with acid free foam core backing and cello wrapped for protection.

Photographers may also submit artcards, posters, and books for sale in the gallery. These items will require cello sleeves for protection from inadvertent damage due to handling.

Acceptance and Duration

Normally, accepted works for display will be up to a maximum of 30 days in order to allow other photographers access to display areas.

Works not displayed may be held for sale in the gallery for up to 60 days. These periods may be extended depending upon sales, planned events and requirements for display space.


All photographic works accepted and held by the gallery will be covered by insurance provided by the gallery. Insurance for all works in transport to and from the gallery upon return to the photographer are the responsibility of the photographer.


The photographer reserves all rights to their images apart from allowing the Gallery to sell the images in the gallery subject to the consignment agreement between the photographer and the Gallery. The Gallery reserves the right to remove from display and sale any photograph that may contravene copyright laws or the Gallery guidelines.


Photographers are encouraged to promote and advertise their own work and any shows In which they may be participating. The Gallery may advertise upcoming shows but not necessarily specific to any one photographer.

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Submissions Contact Person

Alan Kohut, Director
Email :
Telephone: 250 656 9882

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2449-1 Beacon Ave
Sidney, British Columbia
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