On exhibit from February 8 to February 22, 2020. 

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Christine moved to the West Coast of Canada after finishing her degree in Wildlife Biology at the University of Guelph in 1991. Her love of animals and photography started while working as a zookeeper for the Metro Toronto Zoo in the 1980’s and continued on Vancouver Island, where she moved for work studying the impact of deforestation to wildlife.  She retired from biology work in the late 90’s to raise a family in North Saanich for the last 25 years, but continued to learn and grow in the field of photography.  After classes on digital photography and lightroom editing, and her children grown, Christy has turned her focus on her photography.

Christy finds moments to photograph wherever she is.  From macro photography in her backyard gardens, landscapes in minus 30 temperatures in Banff and Jasper, wildlife in plus 40 degrees in Namibia, school children in Tanzania, urban photography in Shoreditch, England, Puffins in Iceland, Wild Horses of the Camargue in France, West Coast waterfalls or pet photography with her sidekick Napoleon the Pug.  2020 finds Christy heading to the Redwoods of California in the spring and back to Africa in the fall.  She is always looking forward to learning more and growing as a photographer with every adventure.

Instagram: @christygrinton