Photographer Brian Gammon offers an eclectic group of images, drawn from numerous travel experiences over several years. In this  series, he provides images drawn from destinations including Antarctica, Cuba, the mountains of Colorado, the Canadian Rockies and the Panama Canal.  While Brian’s preferred palette is colour, he is also attracted to the juxtaposition of color & B&W in the same frame.  Brian is an admirer of natural landscapes, vibrant cityscapes and urban scenes that communicate a sense of location, or character of place.

In editing images, Brian is influenced by painting as much as photography.  He considers his images to be photographic art, in that the editing choices influence the final result as much as, and perhaps more than, the scene capture itself.  Having little interest in presenting a scene as the camera sensor originally saw it, Brian instead prefers to interpret what the scene meant to him when he first experienced it.

Brian currently favours canvas as a print & presentation medium, for a number of reasons.  With some images on canvas, there can exist an ambiguity that has, in the past, caused viewers to ask whether the image is paint or photography. Canvas does not require glass over the image surface, which can reflect light sources, reducing contrast and occasionally diminishing the viewers’ experience.

Travels to Distant Places by Brian Gammon runs from August 29 to September 12, 2020